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KALUNA products do not contain synthetic conservatives, colours, fragrances, petrochemical products, animal raw materials (except bee products), pesticides, fertilisers or chemical solvents. They ONLY contain what is listed on their product labels, with a clear and comprehensible description.

The absence of synthetic compounds gives our products special characteristics. Efficiency, fragrance, colour, preservation and texture are the combined result of only completely natural (herbal or bee) constituents. Our products’ shorter life-span (particularly of those with high water percentage) is the inevitable result of the absence of synthetic preservatives. They should be kept in cool or in the fridge and should be used with care, with clean hands or a spatula. That is why they are called “fresh”. They are intended for people who would consider these features an advantage.

The lack of synthetic chemical ingredients does not mean we reject modern laboratory technology. On the contrary, our laboratory utilises state-of-the-art technology to explore new properties of herbal extracts, to implement continual, comprehensive quality and microbial tests on raw material and products and create high quality natural products.

The energy needed for manufacturing our products comes mainly from photovoltaic panels and a wind-generator. The water needed comes from our own artesian well. The “waste”-water is returned to nature without any chemical impurities compensating for the consumed water.

The website no longer works as an e-shop. If you wish to ask for a product price or place an order please contact us through mail or phone.