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The primary use of cosmetics is to make us look better.

“The women you see on posters or in fashion magazines-the ones all the women try to imitate nowadays-how can they be attractive? They have no reality of their own; they're just the sum of a set of abstract rules. They aren't born of human bodies; they hatch ready-made from the computers" (Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting). We believe that true beauty is not the replication of a universal model advertised on posters. True beauty is the specific radiation of every person that reaches internal physical and psychological balance. It is the externalisation of internal beauty.

This internal beauty can only be reached with natural ingredients. A natural cosmetic product, free of any synthetic chemical substances, reminds our body that it is part of nature. Our body is made of the same raw material plants and animals around us are made of. Our metabolic and defense mechanisms are programmed to recognise and assimilate the beneficial substances offered by nature around us. They are however completely incapable of recognising and managing synthetic chemical compounds incorporated in thousands of products flooding our homes, our workplaces, cleaning agents and of course cosmetics through the evolution of modern civilisation. These synthetic chemical compounds are alien to our nature and force our body away from its internal equilibrium, undermining its true particular beauty.

Therefore, choosing cosmetics we choose how we want to treat our body. Choosing KALUNA cosmetics, exclusively made up of fresh organic herbal and bee ingredients, without a trace of synthetic chemical compounds, we remind our body of its true nature, satisfying its deeper needs and resonating its internal vibes. Ultimately we help it bring out its unique radiation and achieve its very own true Beauty!