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KALUNA Fresh Organic Cosmetics are produced in a modern-technology laboratory, located on a certified organic herbal farm, in the heart of north Evia forest near the small ever-green village Achladi.

The whole area of north Evia accommodates a large number of herbs that provide the material for our organic cosmetics and herbal extracts. Oregano, thyme, savory, agrimony, dandelion, fleabane, wild rose, St John’s wort, evening primrose, wild oat, clematis, rock rose, Spanish broom and tens more form the ideal environment for our own health, but also for the preparation of fresh, chemical-free, extracts and cosmetics offered with great care by our company.

The farm is full of fruit and remedial trees, vegetable and herbs, free of any chemicals. A wide variety of indigenous herbs co-exist on the farm and their collection is based on sustainability, so that their numbers are not decreasing. Alongside them, a large number of herbs, like lavender, calendula, roses, chamomile, rosemary, lemon verbena, comfrey, echinacea, are cultivated with mild organic farming methods. Their cultivation is based on the principles of organic farming (using compost, manure, green fertilizers, co-cultivation), biodynamic calendar (agricultural activities according to the moon phases and the position of the planets), natural farming (encouragement of natural mechanisms of restoration of the ecological balance of the farm) and traditional knowledge (use of herbal preparations for the treatment of plant diseases).

The location of the laboratory gives our company the opportunity to directly utilize the beneficial properties of herbs, without delay and without the hardships of long-distance transportation. At the same time, this helps us know the high quality of the plants used.

The laboratory has high-technology equipment to implement continual, scrupulous quality tests on raw material and final products, while production aims for the mildest possible processing of herbs, so that none of their valuable properties is lost.

KALUNA fresh organic cosmetics and herbal extracts are completely free of any traces of chemicals. After years of research and experimentation we managed to create products which exclusively utilize herbal properties for their efficiency, preservation, texture, colour and odour. Try them!